How to ensure your photo session is a success!

Plan Wisely:  Don’t try to fit in a session on a day you have to be at a soccer game 30 minutes afterwards. Or the morning after you were up late at a recital or basketball game.  Make sure you have enough time set aside to get ready without rushing (what’s that like ;).  You […]

It’s more than just a picture

How incredible is it that we have the ability to freeze time? To actually create a photograph, a print, a piece of history that we can hold on to.  This ability to capture moments is incredible. I think people can overuse, or misuse this ability to create a fake sense of what life really is.  […]

A little about me…

If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be: Popcorn!  Cheese, Butter, Caramel pretty much anything except Kettle Corn – I just can’t with that stuff! My favorite thing to do is: I love to make other people happy.  If I have made you smile, giggle or best of […]

Sutton’s birth story

I had the incredible honor of photographing my nephew as he made his debut into this life. Even though I was just taking photos and I was not the one having the baby I was still nervous, anxious and scared! I had never witnessed a birth before, never been asked to photograph one either. But […]

Cincinnati Nature Center

Cincinnati Nature Center is an incredible location that has so much to offer for many different kinds of photography. Rowe woods and the Cincinnati Nature Center have many different backdrops. These different areas are great for senior, family or maternity photos. The Krippendorf Lodge is a beautiful large home that offers a stone patio, porch […]

Harsha Lake

Just a little ways off of 125 near Amelia is one of my favorite spots for all kinds of photos. Harsha Lake offers so many options for backdrops that you are sure to find something you like here. The Harsha Lake area is what most locals consider East Fork dam. There is a rocky creek […]